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     Living Proof is a local church ministry out of Emmanuel Baptist in Jacksonville, Texas.  They started in 2000 with a song written for a printing ministry at their home church, and things took off from there.  Rodney came up with some lyrics and Jonathan put it to music and before they knew it a group was born!  They are a blend of gospel and bluegrass and sing mostly their own material, but they love the old hymns and great songs of days gone by.

     Jonathan Thrift plays the banjo, guitar, dobro, and mandolin for the group.  He also sings lead and backup.  When he started mandolin lessons as a teenager, he never thought it would lead to a tool for serving the Lord in a music ministry!  God has truly blessed him with an ear for music, and he loves using that gift for our Savior.

     Kathleen Parker, Jonathan’s sister, is Living Proof’s keyboard player and the female vocalist.  She has been playing piano since she was 8 years old and has a deep love for music.  Balancing a baby, work, and the ministry is a constant challenge in her life right now, but a challenge she finds to be well worth it.

     Josh Parker, Kathleen's husband, plays the rhythm guitar now since he and Kathleen got married in 2008.

     Melissa Thrift is married to Jonathan and they have two children.  She started playing the bass for the group in 2005 when the original member moved away, and is grateful to be a part of the ministry.  Melissa has written a few songs and is singing with the group as well.

     The common goal of Living Proof is to be a blessing to the churches they minister to and to give God all the glory and praise.