1. Preach On

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2. If One Died For All
3. King of My Heart
4. No Power In The Water
5. There Remaineth Much
6. What Heaven Means To Me
7. Jesus Is The Only Way
8. I'm Not Perfect
9. I Just Wanted You To Know
10. He'll Take You In
11. Gospel Ship
12. I Need You Lord

1. Walk By Faith
2. How Great Thou Art
3. Prayer Changes Things
4. Gonna Be Movin
5. I've Come Too Far to Look Back
6. Peacespeaker
7. Let Go and Let God
8. I Am Blessed
9. A Heart That Believes
10. Are You Washed in the Blood
11. Just Ask
12. God Saves Old Sinners
1. Don’t Look Back
2. Born To Die
3. I Believe In The Church
4. Have You Left Your First Love
5. The Lily Of The Valley
6. Make The Best Of The Journey
7. My Jesus I Love Thee
8. Speak The Word
9. The House Of The Lord
10. Too Much At Stake
11. Yesterday, Today And Forever
12. It’s How We Finish
1. Crimson Red Hands
2. Continue The Vision
3. Why Seek Ye the Living Among the Dead
4. Help Mine Unbelief
5. The Final Sacrifice
6. The True Word of God
7. We Need Christ
8. Preaching Christ to the World
9. There Will Be No Excuses
10. I Give Him My All